Beech (Fagus sylvatica)

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beech-roundAverage book is largely in Europe down to northwestern Turkey. In Turkey, east through Asia, it is replaced by the oriental book, Fagus orientalis. The usual book is also available in single forest in North America.

Area of ​​use

The book is considered to be beautiful, both to his tribe and to crown shape. On solitary tree trunk can often achieve a substantial diameter. In forest resembles a high, upright with a smooth light gray finish, the Crown has a bushy branches and deep green color. The book creates a forest picture that gives an overwhelming impression of grandeur, solemnity and mystery.
Meanwhile, the book's wood is not the same value as the oak, and its prevalence is at the expense of the oak. Moreover, the damage, as the book makes both the original vegetation and the soil, because the soil becomes dry and peaty. The main use you have had of bokveden, is the fuel and some utensils that were exposed to water, such as boat keels and planking in wooden ships below the waterline.
It favored the early use of the book in boat building to a log of the book can easily be split with an ax to the plank-like slices, which was particularly important before when sågtekniken was undeveloped. Beechwood also used to mill wheel. The book also suitable in the production of potash. Today, its main use wood furniture and curiously enough even lollipops thanks to the wood smooth characteristics, very limited taste and smell and lack of splinters in the planed wood.


Our products of beech (Fagus sylvatica)

  • Beech - French, Belgium, Romania

    DSC00011Wild beech grows from the north of Sweden to central Italy and Spain in the south, to the UK in the west and Turkey to the east.

    Beech (Fagus sylvatica) is a tree belonging to the Beech family. The beech will not be as old as the oak but is growing faster and many trees reaching over 45 meters.

    The beecwood occurs in hilly and mountainous areas and growing especially in the northern parts of Romania, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. In Sweden there is beechwood in Skåne and on some parts of Halland.

    For the forest industry, the book is a hard and durable wood. Today, its main use is furniture and glass sticks thanks to the wood smooth characteristics, very limited taste, smell and lack of splinters in the planed wood.

    The book is highly appreciated both in construction and in the furniture because of its strength, fiber fineness and nice color.


    The main characteristics of beechwood that we offer:

    AD och KD

    Edged or unedged

    Length: 0,30 - 4,00 m

    Width: 8 cm +  och 10 cm +

    Thickness: 25, 32, 40, 50, 60, 70 och 80 mm


    Standard quality of beechwood:


    Four sides clear, no defects


    Quality B

    A single knot, a maximum diameter of 30 mm on one side only, healthy red heart on both sides are allowed, and light cracks and stains.


    Quality C

    Up to three knots per item, maximum diameter 30 mm, dyeing/colouring and fresh red heart on both sides are allowed, and light cracks and stains.



    TASS  0,30-0,95 m super-short timber

    TAS    1,00-1,70 m short timber

    TAL     1,80-4,00 m long timber








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