Good bye and good luck Chahrazed

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Our colleague Chahrazed Bouzouada has chosen to leave Enar Timber AB. She has worked with us for since December 2013. We wish Chahrazed all the best in the future. /Nicklas, Eric & Madelene

Loading containers on MONACO MAERSK

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On Enar, we are always working on exploring new exciting markets. In January we have loaded/sold goods to Sudan. The wood are loaded in containers and shipped from Gothenburg port on a container vessel named MONACO MAERSK.

In the list below (found on Wikipedia) are some of the 10 largest container vessels. Worth noting is that MONACO MAERSK is 399 m x 58,6 m. Huge!


Dubai WoodShow 2018

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The 13th edition of Dubai WoodShow

12-14th of March 2018 Chahrazed Bouzouada from enar Lindström AB visited the Dubai WoodShow. She met both clients ands suppliers and would like to thank everyone she came in contact with for nice and interesting meetings. 




75th Anniversary Celebration

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This year Enar Lindström AB celebrate 75 years. In honor to celebrate this we had a party yhe 16th of August where some of our suppliers and other important partners participated. 

It was a day filled with games, plenty of good food and drinks, laughing, singing and dancing.

During the party Nicklas announced that we have decided to rename to Enar Timber AB.

We would like to thank everyone of you who participated and made it a wonderful day! /TEAM ENAR



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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We would like to wish all our fantastic customers and suppliers a merry christmas and a happy new year. We look forward to an exciting 2018.

Julbild team Enar

Karlstad Market Conference 2017

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This year we visited the Karlstad Market Conference together with guests from Sri Lanka. The Conference was well arranged as always and there was a lot of visitors participating!

We would like to thank our business partners for pleasant and productive meetings! The general market trends are very positive and so are we. Hope to meet soon again!



Journey Algeria

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Visiting our beloved customers in Algeria; Tadjenanet, Setif and Constantine in the Atlas Mountains. We kindly thank you for your extreme hospitality. We really suffer with you in these difficult times with import restrictions and new credit regulations. We hope that things will change for the better the next year!




Visit to Poland

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We always try to find new interesting markets, so in September, Eric visited a furniture exhibition in Poland. "Drema Fair", where new contacts were established.

The customers in Poland are openminded and flexible to dimeninsions and qualitys, and in great need of good woodgoods, because their own industry can't meet the needs of the market and they are looking for longterm business contacts.
We have already sold redwood to Poland and are looking forward to make new contracts with more Polish companys.



Dalarö Shipping summer gathering

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We send our appreciation to Dalarö Shipping for a lovely event! Boatride, entertainment and dinner and meeting all the happy collegaues in the business!


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IMG 7513 - kopia

Dubai WoodShow 2017

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We attended Dubai WoodShow 2017 and we would like to thank all our partners and the lovely people we met in Dubai for the enjoyable moment!

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Bouzouada C and Jacobsson N

Trämarknad (Wood exhibition) Karlstad 2016

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In November, 16th -18th, we the whole Enar Lindstrom AB-team travelled to Karlstad to meet with our customers and suppliers during the annual timber market. There were two intense days with many exciting and rewarding meetings of both old and new contacts. Unfortunately our long country makes it difficult to meet everyone as often as we would like, so it was very valuable for us to have the opportunity to meet so many in Karlstad. We would like to thank everyone we met and hope that we will soon see you all again.



Retired Partner

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Erik Lindström, the son of the founder Enar Lindström, has retired and sold his share of the company to Nicklas Jacobsson. We wan't to thank Erik for all the hard work and dedication that he put into the company and for all the good times that we have had working together.

New markets

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We have now opened contact and made sales in two new countries; Jordan and Iraq. It is exciting to test these new markets for our goods. It is the possibility to load in container from northern Sweden that has opened these markets to us.

New personell!

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We have a new employee; Badr Harmaz. Badr is born in Morocco and has been working in Casablanca as a district court notary. Badr will be handling the legal sides of business and will also be dedicated to increasing our sales foremost in Morocco.

We welcome Madelene Andersson coming back from maternity leave! Christina Ghimpu will be staying with us until the summer!


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We want to welcome Cristina Ghimpu, our new substitute! Cristina will replace Madelene Andersson, who will be on maternity leave until next year. Congratulations Madelene and we wish her a nice time off! Cristina has a degree in law and has experience in administrative duties.

New employee

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Chahrazed Bouzouada has been hired to work as a salesman at Enar Lindstrom AB. She is from Algeria and has worked with sales in Algeria and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai).
She speaks Arabic, French and English and this is an advantage for our company where exports plays a major part of the business. Welcome Chahrazed!

New Lease Volvo L110E och Volvo L180E

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022 Mediuml110e

Maria Dorotea saw who already lease a Svetruck 1360 has recently signed on to lease two additional machines, a Volvo 110E and a Volvo 180E. The tractors will be used at the mill for general tasks such as timber handling, snow shoveling and loading of timber trucks.

Export sawn woodgoods

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In March, our sales increase after a soft start to the year in January and February. 2012 was a successful year for us regarding the export of sawn timber, mainly Morocco.
We sold well over 28,000 m3 to Morocco which corresponds to about 8% of Sweden's exports of sawn timber to the country. Our first delivery to Morocco were made about 10 years ago and then we have gradually increased our sales. We hope and believe to be able to do an even better result during 2013.

/Erik Lindström
CEO Enar Lindström AB

Svetruck 1360 - New LESSEE

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We have signed a lease with Maria Dorothea Såg AB. The agreement covers a SVETRUCK 13.6 tonnes. The truck is currently undergoing a full service and will be delivered the next week to the lessee.

Enar Lindström named Entrepreneur of the Year 2012

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Vasterbotten is according to Företagarna and UCC this years fastest growing entrepreneural regison. Skellefteå was also designated to be the entrepreneurial municipality of the year within the county. In the ranking, growth and turnover is the most significant for the comparison. It has also been measured the count of companies and the change of creditworthiness.

As a representative for the fast growing companies in Skellefteå Enar Lindström AB was designated by UCC and Företagarna. Our CEO Erik has today received the award and held a speech for the entreprenours in Skellefteå.

Establishing business in a new country - Algeria

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Today we have made our first contract in the Algerian market. We will coordinate the delivery from six different suppliers to meet the specification of 2080 m3 of pine. We see Algeria as a country were we can grow and we look forward to the future business.

New Liner Shipping to Morocco

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On the initiative of Enar Lindstrom AB, a new route launched between Skelleftehamn and Morocco, and the first ship departs from Skelleftehamn in early November 2009. The new line is a collaboration with the shipping company Flinter Shipping BV and Skellefteå Hamn. Every 4-5 weeks estimated the ships will depart with loads of 4700-5600 m3 of sawnwood. The line will benefit all sawmill and conveyors in the area.

ENAR LINDSTRÖM AB has also previously been involved in starting a new route. 31st December 1983 was the following provision in Norra Västerbotten:
TIMBER. Contracts had been signed which meant that direct regular service was opened for the shipment of timber from Kåge to ports in northern and central England. It was Västerbotten forest owners and Enar Lindstrom AB signed an agreement with the shipping company Ahlmarks Lines. The two companies estimated to be able to secure delivery of up to 20,000 cubic meters of timber per year.

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